So Misery

I feel so alone. At home. Alone
You out there. Having good time. In glamorous place.
Party. Laugh and more laugh perhaps.

I remember you said something last night.
Full anger and hurt, you said, "I'll let them know, I will have a girlfriend tomorrow."
And me, a fool honest-stupid-unwise girl replied, "Then....what about me?"

Tonight, I'm wondering where you are now.
What are you doing. Are you still thinking about last night? About me?
Do you still remember about your promise to meet me ASAP?

I wanna send you message, to get those answers, but my pride won't let me.

My heart still aching.
I cannot breathe today, thinking all my faults last night.

But you, at least get your release, and for the best, you're having great time.

Uh-well... then let me die alone in misery...

Without you....


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