Am Tired to be hurt


How long I’ve waited for an exciting desire in my heart.
For the one that I will think about all the time.
For the one that I will give everything to.

I was empty at that time.
The feeling of longing someone out there.

But, when I found that someone,
I know I will be crushed into pieces.
Crying all my feeling,
In happy moments or in sad moments

There’s a saying,
‘It’s better to get rejected than not speak your feeling to the one you love’,
But I said otherwise,
It’s better to not speak your feeling than get rejected.

I have told everything that was kept in my heart to him,
I did everything I could to get his love,
But then I turn as a wounded animal.

I wish I didn't say all of that,
At least my wound wouldn't be this hurt.

I’m tired to get hurt, blistered, and everything.

I just want to be happy.

Have a peace in my mind and soul.

(Picture taken from HERE.)


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