Now I enjoy to speak my mind in english. Besides, it seems that no one giving any crap in this blog, lol. Which means, no one read this blog and I can talk about anything in here. Well, it doesn't mean that I don't like anyone read this blog. Seriously, what's the point to make it public. But, I kinda bothered by the fact that some cruel people from my past are reading my blog that mostly filled by my scandalous life that I will never ever share to the world. I mean, they are totally cruel people who will definitely laugh so hard behind my back.

And I'm surely can imagine one person who will smirk at me now, telling people about how pity my life is and then they make a joke about it. I swear, if that really happening in the future, I will chop that person's head MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I was on twitter and people were talking about Stockholm Syndrome. I was surprised that the very definition of Stockholm Syndrome almost define my dad and mom's act to me and my siblings. I, myself don't know how to feel about this. Coz whatever they did to us, it affect our love life. I mean, we, three brother and sister don't easily fall in love, that's for one. We don't just play around with any guys and girls.

And other news today is......

Damn, I miss Ikkyu so much.

I was so close to get a resolution to get his love no matter what. But, that is so wrong. And I still don't know what to do.


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