You, and my ex-BFF

Hey, you!

Yes, you with the sweetest smile on your face.

I want to know more about you. Yes, I know your name. Yes, I heard everything about you from your friend aka my ex-best friend. I know it's been awkward since the day we met for the first time. You bring your friends to our journey to the mountain. You were mocking me and my ex-best friend coz we are the slowest, the stupidest, and also the craziest people on our group. And I was mad coz we just know each other at that time but you were so rude to me. I'm sorry I was almost 'kill' you there hahaha. But, at least we getting closer because of that and we had fun at that day. Even tho you tricked us. Darn, you make us went all the way to the other mountain ALONE. FOR GOD SAKE, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LEFT US GIRLS IN THERE.

I was really surprised when I see you this afternoon on Mall. You with your girlfriend hand in hand and smile happily together. I heard rumors about your girlfriend. I wonder if you heard all of that and put a fake smile on your face. I wanted to say hi to you, and asked how you were doing, but I couldn't. I was too busy finishing my lunch. And, I don't want you to introduce your girlfriend to me. Yes, I don't wanna know about her.

I still remember that day. You asked my number and wondering if we can meet again. I said, we can always meet again by asking my ex best friend first. And with that reason, I refuse to give you my number haha. But now, your friend is not my best friend again. We even barely talk now. How could we meet again? While I was thinking about that, you have walked so far away in the blink of my eye. And I'm regretting it now that I didn't give you my number (or ask your number).

Inside my heart, I keep thinking and drooling over you.

Damn it, you're getting handsome these days. Especially, when u're in suit *cries*.


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