Agnes Monica - Karena Ku Sanggup English Translation

Yep, you're right. This song is my heartbroken theme song. When David dumped me last year, I kept listening to this song every time I think I couldn't move on. And at that time, my friend, Welly kept accompanying me by singing this song together every day. I remember one day we both went to my friend's dorm and we kidnapped all people there to karaoke studio. We all sang this song together like crazy. They meant to make me cry, but I couldn't. LOL. And, we did some crazy things after that. We went to nearest open restaurant to eat and I dunno why but we all sang another ballad songs on there again. All people at the restaurant was like, 'Omo, who are those crazy people?' LOL

Those were my greatest night out EVER. I miss them so much. SO MUCH. I moved to other city a month after that. And they're so far away from me right now. So let's hear this song and sing along with it :D

Biar aku sentuhmu, berikanku rasa itu
Pelukmu yang dulu pernah buatku
Ku tak bisa paksamu tuk tinggal di sisiku
Walau kau yang selalu sakiti aku dengan perbuatanmu
Namun, sudah kau pergilah jangan kau sesali

Karena ku sanggup walau ku tak mau
Berdiri sendiri tanpamu
Aku mau kau tak usah ragu tinggalkan aku
Kalau memang harus begitu

Tak yakin ku kan mampu hapus rasa sakitku
Ku selalu perjuangkan cinta kita namun apa salahku
Hingga ku tak layak dapatkan kesungguhanmu

Let me touch you and give me that feeling
Your hug that once you gave me long time ago

I can't force you
To stay by my side
Even though I'm the one who got hurt
With everything you have done
But, it's all over, just go
Don't you ever regret this

Because I can though I doubt it
To stand on my own without you
I want you to not hesitate
To leave me alone...
If it meant to be like this

I'm not sure if I'm able
To ease this pain
I always fought for our love
But where did I go wrong?
That I don't deserve your sincerity

You don't need to make me understand
Just smile because I can...

I got to say this song fit to my situation with David back then. I remember I kept calling and texting him a whole week after he dumped me. I said something like, 'Please, tell me where did I go wrong? Why her and not me?' and he told me (so many times) to move on and I got to accept that he's not the one for me. He said, I had my chances but I lost it. It was hard but I made it. I moved on and feel grateful for that. I can't tell you why, but I'm pretty sure he feel the same way like I do.

But of course. This song is definitely not fit to my situation with you-know-who right now, lol. I just need this song to make me feel, "YES, I CAN...." I can move on....

I mean I can't force myself to keep chasing on him. Not after he said that I'm not the one he needs -sigh- 

If we meant to be together, we will be together no matter what. That's what I keep believe in, and I'm sorry I'm not God. I'm tired to make him believe in me. I'm tired to keep chasing on him. And I don't even mean anything to him. Why do I have to try so hard if he doesn't even care? 

Love, friendship and this life. I can't control it myself. I'll let God take care of those things. He knows exactly what I want. If He meant these things to happened, so be it. If He don't, I know He will make a way some how.

Yep, Tuhan. Gw nyerah. Now it's Your turn, Lord. Coz I did everything I have to do, but let's see if I could finish my last task though some people think it's not a good idea.


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Lol your story same as me....

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